For the release today of his new album « Summer in Pain » with the new and nice label Filed Mates Records, Jimmy Whipsers had concocted a special playlist for ANANA SOUND.

Jimmy Whisper_01

Let’s be brief but to the point! Jimmy Whispers is clearly becoming one of my favourites.

Well, I’m gonna talk about him more than “a little bit”… The first time than Dali (La Blogothéque, Field Mates Records) sent me the album I think that I heard it a dozen times before answering him something. The idea was completely crazy and came out my mind just like that : « the kind of music that I want to hear with a Walkman walking and trying to find my romantic side”(and I didn’t put smileys). Yeah, I talk about “Walkman” and so about tape cassette but I have nothing at all to play it and neither even walkmans, and no objectives of buying one. Yeah, I say walking even I hate it: loss of time (instead of drinking a beer with a fog which is much more better!). Yeah, I talk about “romanticism” which I think I have but show up to just few people.

Anyway you’d understand that this music totally touched me and the song “Summer In Pain” was on my side for the first three months of the year 2015 and it’s not over yet.


Jimmy Whispers describes himself as a “weird recluse”. I get it because I describe myself as the same. But like all the recluse we love being surrounded by friends (the true friends) and family and also by others who bring to us liveliness. That is especially the need to love and to be loved that characterized weird recluses. You see, when I   tell you that his music touches myself! I am making an auto-psychanalysis on line… If it is, this is a beautiful proof (of love).

Love! There is on this album. Let’s judge by yourself :

Capture d’écran 2015-03-24 à 12.16.07

Jimmy Whispers is above all tunes and a voice and softness and a delicateness that touch.

Jimmy Whispers, that’s the story of a guy who became one of my favourite singer (just after Ariel Pink).

Jimmy Whispers is a guy who’s gonna make you laugh and cry and dance.

Jimmy Whispers is a guy who’s gonna make you feel truely something.

Jimmy Whispers is the guy with who I’d love to drink some pints and smoke fogs without speaking for hours or to just listen to him. Mostly to cast a glance at each other and understand ourselves. To understand that we are bare and fragile but true person. Being happy of it, this is one of the nicer feeling of life.

And then Jimmy Whispers is the guy who makes me ask “who is the fucking guy?” even if he would have been my accomplice.

A question that you can help me to answer listening his special ANANA SOUND playlist made of love “A Dozen Roses from Jimmy Whispers”:


-« Summer In Pain » by Jimmy Whispers is available today with the label Field Mates Records. So for giving him back his love and to give some to this new label you can order this record: You’ll thank me later…



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